Conditions of Carriage !

Applicability: The provision set out and referred to in this consignment note shall apply to modes of transport used by EXPERT COURIER for connection of consignments. They also apply if the mode of transport as described on the face of this consignment note is contrary to the original contract between the parties or performed by one or more modes of transport which may not the defined mode of delivery of the consignment as agreed in this consignment note.

1) Definitions

    1. Freight referred to in this consignment note means the       transportation charges alone and it excludes the other       components like COD / TO PAY / MENTION PC charges taxes and       other levies.

     2. Delivery means tender of shipment to the parties or intimation       about arrival of the shipment at the destination.

2) EXPERT COURIER is entitled to use any mode and route for transportation.

3) EXPERT COURIER is a private carrier and its rights and liabilities are governed exclusively by the express terms set out herein below subject to the applicable laws this consignment note constitutes a binding contract between EXPERT COURIER and the parties.

4) This consignment note issued by EXPERT COURIER shall be strictly based on the declaration given by the parties EXPERT COURIER shall not be responsible for any wrongful declarations contained in this consignment note and the parties shall remain solely liable for the same in the event of goods under the consequential loss/ refund. Further the parties agree to make good any losses to EXPERT COURIER in case of any claims being lodged on EXPERT COURIER on account of delays arising out of insufficiency of documents or wrongful declaration contained in this consignment note.


    1. EXPERT COURIER has the right but not the obligation to open       and / or inspect any shipment consigned by the consignor to       ensure that all the items are capable of carriage to the destination       within the standard operating procedure and handling methods.       EXPERT COURIER does not warrant that any particular item to be       carried is capable of carriage without infringing the law of any       state of the country from / to or through which the item may be       carried.

    2. EXPERT COURIER reserves the right to refuse the consignor       not conforming to these terms and conditions without assigning       any reasons whatsoever.

6) The parties are solely responsible for all / any payments levied by the government or any statutory body in respect of any consignment

7) The parties hereby declare that the consignment covered under this consignment note does not include any contraband / legally restricted / hazardous / flammable/ poisonous/ explosive / currency / jewelry / food coupon / share certificate or articles categorized as prohibited under the regulations of the IATA (International Air Transport Association).

8) EXPERT COURIER shall have a general lien over all the consignments of the parties towards any dues payable to EXPERT COURIER by the parties.

9) EXPERT COURIER shall not entertain any warehouse booking & delivery unless the declaration form available with the concerned operating units is duly filled up along with the necessary enclosures and handed over to the concerned person.

10) The parties shall pay the freight and other charges at the time of booking or within the payment period stipulated in this consignment note in case of non –payment of the bill amount within the stipulated time the parties shall be liable for payment of interest at the rate of 2% per month the bills will be raised even if POD (Proof Of Delivery) copy is not submitted.

11) EXPERT COURIER advises the parties to insure the goods handed over to EXPERT COURIER for transportation under the consignor insurance. In the event of any loss EXPERT COURIER shall provide COF (certificate of facts) on request. A COF charge of 0.2% on the invoice value shall be charged.

12) No claim shall be entertained by EXPERT COURIER for any loss or shortage damage non-delivery / breakage / leakage / pilferage, etc. of the consignment unless a written claim is lodged within three (3) days from the date of delivery subject to the provisions under risk coverage or general liability clause of EXPERT COURIER.

13) Value added services COD / TO PAY are provided at additional charges over and above the freight charges without any liability on ‘EXPERT COURIER’s part whatsoever with respect to the original contractual obligations or payment terms between the consignor and consignee or any third party.

14) Subsequent to booking of a consignment if the consignor makes any changes in the address or any other changes, additional charges shall be levied as a result of such a change.

15) It is the responsibility of the consignor to provide the necessary documentation including but not limited to invoice. Packing list permits and forms as applicable in accordance with laws of the destination of the goods any consequences including but not limited to penalty seizures shall be the sole responsibility of the consignor.

16) If the parties do not take delivery of the consignment for any reason whatsoever. EXPERT COURIER shall raise bills on the parties towards the transportation and other charges including transport charges in accordance with the terms of the contract and the parties shall be liable to pay all dues payable to EXPERT COURIER whether at the original booking station or elsewhere as notified by EXPERT COURIER.

17) The demurrage clause shall apply for a period of one (1) month and if the consignment is not accepted by the parties with in this period for any reasons and the parties fail to make the payments due to EXPERT COURIER, EXPERT COURIER shall be entitled to send the consignment to its unclaimed goods department to proceed with the sale of the consignment to realize all dues by issuing prescribed notices.

18) Consignments carrying valuable items may take an additional day, over and above the committed delivery due to security reasons and inspection process in between.

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